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I needed something to exercise my brain s part of my fight against Alzheimer's and flying radio control aircraft certainly does that. Plus it is fun so I will keep it up!

It is therapy for me and maybe you

Text & photo by Tom Hintz

Posted - 11-3-2013 came about primarily because of my being diagnosed with Early Onset Alzheimer’s. One of the self-help modalities pushed by the neurologist is exercising the brain something I knew flying RC aircraft did in a big and consistent way. I had flown RC planes up until 25 years ago when I gave it up when a new job forced a long-distance move. Now RC flying represents an effective way to combat Alzheimer’s and one that is so much fun that I am confident that I will stick with it. It has been about 9 months since I restarted RC flying and so far it seems to be working and remains lots of fun.

My past as a magazine writer/photographer along with a more than a decade of running made no-brainer. I had the photo and video equipment, the computers with the fancy software plus working on a new web site is also focused mental exercise to fight the Alzheimer’s just a little more.

Producing any web site is expensive and is no different. Between the relatively short working future predicted by the doctors and not being able to hold a regular job generating content for my site is dependent on the products I can afford for Review and How-To articles. You can be a big part of this effort by making whatever donation you can to my GoFundMe campaign. Just click the GoFundMe box in the right margin. Regardless of how much you can donate, know that I greatly appreciate every bit of it. Every day I can work against this disease means a little more productive time for me.


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