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My Joe Nall 2016 Goal a Success!
Once again good people make it happen

Long-Term Goal Revised
The real world shortens my reach

The Diagnosis Is Not The End
Your questions help better define the purpose of my efforts

Radio Control Flying vs. Alzheimer's
It’s helping another RC’r!

Setting a Longer Term Goal
Flying a giant scale P47 at Joe Nall is a good one

Changes at
Responding to your requests and suggestions

Mercy Crashing a P51
I couldn’t bring myself to sell it to anyone

News Flash! – I’m Not Perfect
And I proved that twice at the flying field – on the same day

1st Annual RC Wingers Helicopter Fly-In
Lots of helis, lots of pilots and lots of fun

I Wanna Be a D and a Half Pilot
The middle of a couple roads can be lots of fun

Managing My RC Time
It gets compressed when you know about the end

Radio Control Helicopters
Strengthening the connection between my eyes and hands

RC Wingers 2013 "Warbirds" Fly-In
A day of fun in Mooresville, NC

What Is a RC Flying Field?
A designated, prepared site is crucial to safety and fun

Whirlybird Money Pit
Aborted “brainercise” plan




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