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Flying RC and all that entails is how I fight the progression of Alzheimer's but making my fight public can inspire others to fight for more time and being productive longer.
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The Diagnosis Is Not The End

Your questions help better define the purpose of my efforts

Text and photo by Tom Hintz

Posted – 8-7-2015 (Updated - 8-27-2015)

One of the more common questions of late is why I chose to wage my fight against the progression of Alzheimer's so publicly, particularly through my and web sites. At first I just wanted to be honest about having the disease to avoid having to admit it later when its progression made it too obvious to deny. Not being able to do things like jump in a car and go where I want limits how I can approach this fight so creating a web site based on how I am fighting the disease just made sense.

While answering the emails asking why I chose this path I realized that my own fears of what is in my future play a major part in this. One of the ways I can be productive in my situation is to write and produce content and I realized that the process of helping myself can also show others with Alzheimer's and perhaps other diseases that the diagnosis is not the end. We hear of people outliving their projected lifetimes all of the time. My doctors cannot predict my expiration date and don’t try. The will to live has too much power and can take people decades past predicted lifespans.

When a friend said I needed to look further down the road with my goals I knew he was right. With that in mind I will be looking at ways to put out an attainable goal. That means reevaluating my capabilities in terms of resources that can be focused on such a goal. I have to be honest and say that at present that means the range of legitimate goals is extremely limited. I am fighting for recognition in an RC world that is like many driven by ad dollars. The fact that I get no ad dollars from any RC-related business means I have virtually no horsepower in terms of getting support for reviews and projects. I am limited to my pocket which is anything but deep these days.

Stay tuned. I have some thinking and planning to do.

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