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Air Frame

Crunched Rudder Repair
A simple fix for hangar rash to small “incidents”

Now and Then RC Plane Maintenance
Simple checks now can prevent a crash “then”

My Cowl Cutting “System”
I gotta do it my way

Saving a Giant Scale Top Flite P47
A look at the repair process

There’s a Bunch of Dark Inside My Cowl
Frustrations from where the sun don’t shine

Tighten RC Nuts and Bolts
Prevent a stupid way to lose a plane

Sealing Hinge Gaps
Enhance performance and integrity


Components and Setup - Aeroworks 50cc Edge 540 ARF
What went where

E-flite Valiant 1.3m Park Flyer BNF Basic
Buildeing/setting up an ARF for the best performance Giant Scale Build Series
I build an Aeroworks 60cc Freestyle Extra 260 QB-L

Installing Horizontal Stabilizers
Precise alignment means your plane won’t fly like a drunken truck

RC Pilot Figures
Whimsy vs. Scale

Squaring the Wing
Straight and square equals flying right


Covering Maintenance
Taking care of the little things prevents a big ugly


Elusive Engine Problem
Accidental discovery with an easy fix

Rebuilding a Gasser Carb
Making my favorite engine my favorite again

Tight Mufflers – No Gaskets
Permatex Gasket Maker saves the (flying) day


Sullivan Dynatron Starter
Make engine starting easier and portable

Flying Tips/Techniques

Setting up CROW on a Spektrum DX-9 or DX-18
Steeper approaches with full control

Fly Better With the Rudder
Cheating the legal way

Flying RC Off Grass Runways
It doesn’t have to be a problem

The Cheapest Safety Device
I nearly lose a plane without it

Landing Gear

Fixing a Ripped-Out Retract
What happens when I whiff a nuts and bolts check

Inconsistent Electric Retracts
A dab of hot glue can be the fix

Warbird Ground Wheels
Because the other wheels left with the wing


Drilling Props
Shooting holes square to the hub and indexed correctly


Attempted In-Flight Fire
That’s the best description I can come up with

Curing Stalling Servos
Smart-Fly power management to the rescue

Programming a Throttle Lockout on the Spektrum DX6i
It has it's drawbacks but it is safer

Replace the DX6i Throttle Cut Pushbutton with a Toggle Switch
Click you are safe, click you are hurt

Securing Permanent Servo Extensions
Simple and frustration-reducing at the same time

Spektrum’s DX9 Wireless Trainer System
Complex inside, super simple for us

Teach Your Spektrum Transmitter to Say What You Want
Yes, I know somebody’s radio will soon fart


Ceiling Fuselage Holders
Put them up out of the way and out of danger

Home Made Wing Bags
Simple and economical protection for our wings

Making Tail Feather Covers
Easy to make, effective and cheap

Refitting My Continental Cargo Trailer
Chaos had snuck into my airplane hauler

Send Me a Giant DC-3
Part of the Texas Bill Squad Steps It Up























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