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Disappearing Servo Grommets, Eyelets and Screws

The source could not be more logical


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Hitec HFP-30 Digital Servo Programmer & Tester

Very useful Hitec magic in a box

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QQ YAK 54 35CC ARF – Assembly

Great design and manufacturing means an easy build

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My Hangar 9 Valiant “Autopsy”

The end of one of my favorite airplanes


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Hangar 9 Quarter-Scale Cub Floats

Adding a new, fun capability to my prized Hangar 9 Valiant


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Matching Elevator Halves

Getting them to work together

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Making a Manual Choke Rod

Cheap, simple to make and low brain-drain easy to use

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Making No-Slop Throttle Linkage

No-slop linkage enables a dependable idle


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QQ Night EXTRA 300 PNP

Light, rigid and exceptionally fun to fly


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Installing a Gas Tank

Align T-REX 470LM Dominator Super Combo

Extreme Flight 78" Extra 300 – Update

Installing a Gas Engine Fixed Wing FPV Gear

Installing Servos

Fourtitude ARF V2 Fuel Tank w/Mount



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