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Installing a LONG Wing Bag Zipper
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Hangar 9’s New 10cc Valiant

The best-flying airframe in decades gets an in-between size

Segment 1, Unboxing, inspection, covering and hinging


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Can I Go to Fun Fly’s?

Sure you can, most of the time


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Valley View RC Three-Line Gas Tanks

Advanced materials mean lighter, better functioning tanks

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Setting Up Dual Receivers

Low (er) dollar absolute redundancy


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The Economics and Logic of Huge Fastener Assortments

RTL Fasteners makes the concept a no-brainer, even for me

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Hangar 9 Valiant – Part Deux

I couldn’t stand to be without this super-fun airframe


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QQ YAK 54 35CC ARF Maiden Day/s

A nearly airframe-fatal mistake on my part


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Disappearing Servo Grommets, Eyelets and Screws

The source could not be more logical


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Hitec HFP-30 Digital Servo Programmer & Tester

Very useful Hitec magic in a box

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QQ YAK 54 35CC ARF – Assembly

My Hangar 9 Valiant “Autopsy”

Hangar 9 Quarter-Scale Cub Floats

Matching Elevator Halves

Making a Manual Choke Rod

Making No-Slop Throttle Linkage



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