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Not everyone participated in the picture but oy can see that we had a bunch of pilots and even more helicopters as it seems everyone brought two, or three, or four.......
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1st Annual RC Wingers Helicopter Fly-In

Lots of helis, lots of pilots and lots of fun

Text, photo and video by Tom Hintz

Posted - 11-18-2013

It has been a number of years since the RC Wingers flying club (AMA#1462) held a helicopter fly-in but we did it over the last weekend. Even before the event it was planned to be an annual affair and now with it behind us that is a certainty as it went very well. Once again we were plagued by cloudy weather similar to our Warbirds Fly-In but at least this time it didn't rain. The weather didn;t stop anyone from coming as there were at least 35 registered pilots and lots of spectators. There were also a bunch of very nice helicopters and hyper-capable pilots.

Despite the less than ideal flying sky there were only a couple crashes and of the pilots I spoke with none thought the damage was major. I even made the first flights on my new Trex 550E Pro and took it home in one piece! What was obvious was that there were some very talented pilots in attendance. Our club has several high-level helicopter pilots but we were able to see some new things in the air and many of those at very low altitudes.

A couple local hobby shops and some not-so-local RC helicopter vendors provided prizes for the raffle and there were a bunch of tickets sold as there were a few helicopters in the mix of prizes. It turned out that the raffle must have been fixed because I didn't win a helicopter.


Anyway, a good time was had by all and I look forward to having even more pilots and helicopters at the 2014 version of the Annual RC Wingers Helicopter Fly-In!

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