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Choosing power for a 21-pound warbird cannot be taken lightly. I chose the EME60 because of the power and reliability we have seen with their engines and the budget-saving price.
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EME 60 Gasoline Engine

Economical powerhouse

Text, photos and video by Tom Hintz

Flight video by Mike Basmajian and Clark Ponthier

Posted – 3-17-2016

My first EME engine was the EME 70 Twin that turned my RedwingRC 50cc YAK 55 into a vertical animal. That motor impressed from when I opened the box. When choosing a motor for the Top-Flite Giant Scale P47 Razorback – Joe Nall 2016 project we went right back to EME for their 60cc single. Once again I was impressed at every step through the maiden flights and now well into shaking the Top-Flite Giant Scale P47 Razorback out. The EME 60 clearly demonstrates that you do not have to give up reliability and power when you install a reasonably priced motor.

The Basics

The EME 60cc gasoline engine weighs in at just 3.7 lb. (1710g) yet produces a stout 6.2 hp @ 7,200 rpm with an RPM range of 1,350-7,500. The EME 60 runs on unleaded gasoline with a gas/oil mixture of 30:1 to 35:1. Recommended props include 23x10, 24x8, 24x10 (3-blade: 21x12, 22x10). Another nice point about the EME 60 is that it has the same prop bolt pattern as the DLE55/DA50R which for many of us means carrying fewer extra props which saves a significant chunk of money. Included with the EME 60 is electronic ignition, muffler, spark plug, gasket, bolts and machined aluminum standoffs. The standoffs produce a firewall to prop washer dimension of 171mm which is what many ARF’s specify.

Where many RC gas engines come with a copy of the venerable Walbro carb the folks at EME decided to forgo the “looks like” routine and installs a genuine Walbro carb that has a significant impact on how these engines perform. This is my second EME engine and the first that I have adjusted at all. To date I have tweaked the high speed needle on the EME 60 about a screwdriver blade width toward rich. That is the only mixture adjustment I have made on an EME engine to date. (3-16-2016)

Everywhere you look on an EME Engine you find (left) quality castings and machining. The Walbro carb (right) is the real thing and not a look-alike. A BIG reason for this motor's high quality performance and reliability.
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EME engines also come with a genuine 6-12V RCEXL ignition that keeps the spark coming at the right time throughout the RPM range. This equipment is also no small factor if you want a reliable engine. EME literature says that they pay close attention to setting the timing on their motors and I can find nothing to refute that. In fact, one of the most-heard comments about my EME 60 is how smoothly it runs. Not many people are used to hearing a single cylinder gas engine running this smooth.

All engines come with a warranty but EME and Mile High RC, the US distributor of these motors takes that a couple steps further. In addition to the 18-month warranty, if Mile High determines your motor is DOA they do not repair it but rather replace the whole thing, included accessories and all. Then after the 18-month warranty period if your motor is damaged like in a crash (non-warranty issues) Mile High will service the motor for the cost of parts plus 10%. No Labor charge!

In the Air

I put my EME 60 in the Top-Flite Giant Scale P47 Razorback I am prepping to fly at Joe Nall 2016. That warbird weighs 21-lbs but the EME 60 handles that with ease. Even slightly under propped (Vess 23B) take-offs are quick and drama free. I don’t go vertical but the EME 60 has plenty of power to get this warbird off of the ground and to the desired altitude quickly.

One of the scary parts of flying a new plane with a new motor is the dependability of the idle. When the plane is a 21-pound warbird a faltering idle or a dead stick can be disastrous. I am happy to report that now with dozens of flights on the Top-Flite Giant Scale P47 Razorback with its brand new EME 60 there have been no dead sticks or other idle-related issues.

EME supplies a RCEXL ignition (left) that helps this motor run so smoothly with major dependability. The can muffler that came with the EME60 wouldn't fit this warbird cowl but because this motor uses the same mounting patterns as a DA50R I could use my Bisson Pitt's style muffler on the EME60 (right) with no modifications!
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At this writing I am about to go to a 24 X 8 or similar prop. The EME 60 certainly is broken in by now, is running very well and I think is “asking” for more prop. The Top-Flite Giant Scale P47 Razorback is by no means slow in the air but I think there is just a little bit more in both the plane and the EME 60 pulling it around the sky.

The EME 60 came with a can-type muffler that would be fine on many planes but the cowl of the Top-Flite Giant Scale P47 Razorback has an inverted tear-drop shape to it and the stock muffler just won’t fit without cutting a big hole. This is nothing new with warbirds. Instead we used a Bisson Pitts style muffler with baffles inside that reduce overall sound noticeably. One of the nice things about EME engines is that they mimic the important dimensions of other popular motors. The EME 60 shares mounting patterns with the DA50R and DLE55. That lets you can get away with fewer accessories like mufflers and props drilled for other motors. When we discovered the stock muffler for the EME 60 wasn’t going to work, I had only to go to my spares box to grab the Bisson so we could finish that part of the Top-Flite Giant Scale P47 Razorback without running to a hobby shop or go on line.


The EME 60 is a remarkably smooth-running engine that is equally remarkable in the power it develops. While we are on the remarkable attributes of the EME 60 I should mention that it sells for $349.00 (3-16-1016) all day long. Add the warranty and the Mile High RC damage repair policy and the EME engines become an even better investment by a surprisingly wide margin.

Video Tour

I have to admit that I was a little nervous about putting a brand new, bargain-priced engine in a brand new Top-Flite Giant Scale P47 Razorback that was projected to weigh in the low 20-something pounds range but all of those fears have been proven to be stereotypical hogwash. The EME 60 is a powerful motor with a great carburetor that gives you smooth, dependable operation no matter what you install it on. Before the Top-Flite Giant Scale P47 Razorback project it would not have occurred to me to put a bargain-priced engine on a big war bird but now having flown the EME 60 I can’t think of a good reason NOT to do just that. Regardless of what plane you are building, take a look at the EME engines at Mile High RC at the link below.

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